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Bespoke Invitation Process: Mood Boards

We're taking a behind-the-scenes look at the bespoke invitation process with Locust House Fine Stationery. This week covers step one: mood boards. Kristy will take us through her steps to creating a client mood board.


bespoke invitation process step one: mood boards


Above: a mood board I created for an organic, ethereal wedding editorial.

Above: a mood board I created for an organic, ethereal wedding editorial.


Mood board 101

Thank you for your lovely ideas and responses on Instagram last Monday. In case you missed it, I’m taking you behind the scenes of the bespoke invitation process. This week covers mood boards, and our inspiration is “A great love only happens once in a lifetime.”

Information Gathering

The very first step in creating a bespoke invitation suite is always consultation. During your consultation, I ask questions about you as a couple, your wedding details, colors, and any inspiration that you may have to share. For a full list of information and inspiration to share with your designer, download a copy of our "Bespoke Invitation Inspiration Guide" below.

Once I have gathered information, I put everything into a creative brief, which acts as an outline throughout. After creating your creative brief, my process goes one of two ways: 1) inspiration strikes and I know the type of images I am looking for, or 2) I haven’t yet had that spark of inspiration, and I don’t know what I need. For this week’s exercise, let’s assume that I don’t have any ideas.

Looking to Recent Bookmarks

When I don’t have anything planned, I like to start by looking through my recent bookmarks and taking a screenshot of anything that catches my eye.

IG Bookmarks.jpeg

Looking to Pinterest for Inspiration

After going through my recent bookmarks, I move to Pinterest and either look through my pins or enter a query in the search bar. I then begin pinning images that catch my eye on a secret board. By this step in the process, I usually have a good idea of which direction the invitation suite is headed, and I scroll through the secret board, deleting any pins that either; 1) don't convey the message, or 2) don't add to the narrative. Once I have gone through the board, I download the remaining images.

A great love inspiration.jpeg

Bringing the Images Together

After collecting my inspirational Images, I create a letter-sized document in the Adobe Comp CC app on my iPad Pro and begin importing everything; moving things around and deleting until I'm satisfied with the arrangement and tone. This step in the process can be relatively quick, or it can take hours. There is no rhyme nor reason to it. Intuition and my artist's eye entirely rule this stage. Note: the process is slightly different at this step if I'm creating a physical mood board, rather than a full digital mood board. For this week's exercise, we're going to create a digital mood board.

A Great Love Only Happens Once in a Lifetime Mood Board.jpg

Adding Color

Once I'm happy with the tone and aesthetic of the board, it's time to add color. To do this, I send the board to Photoshop and use the eyedropper tool to create color swatches.

When I have color swatches and images finalized, I put everything neatly together on one printable page. I print the final board on photo paper and place it in a three-ring binder for easy access. While I work on your invitations, I carry the mood board with me; referencing, looking, and pondering as I go. And this, my friend, is when the magic really starts to happen.

1 A Great Love Only Happens Once in a Lifetime Mood Board with color.jpg

Don't forget to download your copy of the "Bespoke Invitation Inspiration Guide" below to get started on your wedding stationery journey.

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